The Customer’s personal data are processed in compliance with the Luxembourg Law dated 2 August 2002 on the Protection of Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data. Pursuant to the Luxembourg Law of 2 August 2002 on the Protection of Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data, the Customer agrees for their personal data to be processed and used for the purpose of fulfilling the issued debt acquisition agreements (referred to hereafter as ‘Agreement’ or ‘this Agreement’). The entity responsible for processing these data is:

savedroid LUX S.A.
Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)
9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg, Luxemburg
+352 28 81 02 01

referred to hereafter as SAVEDROID.

SAVEDROID will not collect personal data that imply racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership of trade unions.

The Customer’s personal data may be sent to third parties that have to be involved in fulfilling the object and purpose of the Agreement (such as IT service providers, payment processors, custodian banks, other financial services suppliers, clearance houses, rating agencies, KYC partners and lawyers). They may only be sent to countries that belong to the European Union. These third parties that have access to the Customer’s personal data may only process them on the instructions of the entity responsible for processing, and shall take suitable precautions against any kind of unlawful handling of those personal data.

The Customer expressly consents to their personal data being sent in this way. The Customer’s personal data will not be stored for any longer than necessary to fulfil the object and purpose of the Agreement for which they are processed. SAVEDROID is entitled to utilize isolated data for statistical calculations, but will only do so anonymously. They will not be able to be traced back to the actual personal data.

The client has the right to receive the following from the person responsible for the processing of data:

a) Freely and without obstacle, at reasonable intervals and without unreasonable delay or excessive cost: a confirmation that their data are or are not being processed; and, at the very least, information about the purpose of that processing, the categories of data being processed, and the recipients and categories of recipient of data; and

b) The correction, deletion or blocking of data whose processing is not compliant with the object and purpose of the Agreement, especially if the data are incomplete or incorrect. SAVEDROID will inform third parties who receive the data about any correction, deletion or blocking that takes place, provided this does not prove impossible or unreasonably costly.

The Customer has the right to object to their data being processed, in those cases defined in the Law dated 2 August 2002.

The Customer’s personal data processed as part of the Agreement and for fulfilling the object and purpose of the Agreement, shall not be used for the purpose of direct marketing.